Ailment Guidelines

Here is a checklist of some common ailments and the most appropriate person to see:

routine appointment
Acute illness, depression, mental health problems, child health surveillance including chickenpox, general management of illness, management of chronic disease, epilepsy, IUCD fittings, heart problems, chronic lung disease
routine appointment
Medical certificates (can be backdated), asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, nausea / vomiting, cervical screening or contraceptive pill checks, child immunisations, holiday vaccinations, wound dressing, fever
Pharmacist Repeat prescriptions, queries with your medication / prescription, cough / cold / sore throat, diarrhoea or constipation, headache or medication for children, emergency contraception, smoking cessation, threadworms, sinusitis
Minor Injuries Clinic Recent eye injury, burns or scolds not over an inch in diameter (and not involving the hands, feet, face, neck or genital areas), foreign bodies embedded in tissues, recent injury where stitches may be required, blows to the head where there has been no loss of consciousness, minor dislocation of finger or toes, recent injury beyond first aid, simple cuts and bruises, minor trauma to hands, limbs or feet

If you want to check your symptoms click on this link for NHS Direct.