General Travel Health Tips

  • Visit your practice nurse or doctor to discuss your vaccination requirements as soon as you decide to travel abroad
  • Take a well equipped first aid kit – consult your practice nurse for advice on what to include relevant to your destination
  • Ensure you have enough of any prescribed medication you are currently taking.
  • Have adequate medical insurance and an E111 form
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) stand up and walk around as much as possible on long flights
  • Try to use bottled, boiled or sterilized water for washing, cleaning teeth . Avoid ice in drinks.
  • Eat fresh food that has been cooked thoroughly, avoid shellfish, salads or fruits that you have prepared yourself
  • Avoid over exposure to the sun between 11:00 to 3:00pm,re-apply sun block every two hours
  • Use insect repellants- this can applied on top of sun block
  • Wear appropriate clothing, covering up as much as possible between dusk and dawn to help protect against insect bites
  • Drink plenty to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid contact with local animals which may carry rabies