New patients

This is the practice boundary covered by the Aveley Medical Centre and the Bluebell surgery. It covers Aveley, South/North Ockendon, North Stifford, & Purfleet.

The blue arrow shows the Aveley Medical Centre (AMC)

When you register with the practice you may see any of the doctors in the partnership. Your registration will give you access to any of the partners, so you have continuity of health care and will have access to a doctor even if the one you usually see is on holiday or on an emergency call.

When you register with either Aveley Medical Centre or Bluebell Surgery you will be asked to complete;

  • A medical questionnaire which will give us some basic information about you before your records arrive at the Practice.
  • An application form. Please complete all appropriate sections and sign the form. On the back of the new forms there is a section asking for your wishes for organ donation; the information will go on a central database.
  • A text messaging appointment system sign-up form

You will also need to provide the following documentation;

  • your medical card
  • proof of identity with a photo ie, passport, driving licence and
  • utility bill if you have one, or other proof of address

It is a regulation that you have a free health check within three months of joining the Practice. All new patient registrations are processed at Aveley Medical Centre.